About Me

Self portrait, 2019

My name is Andrew Creek. I’m a graphic design student at Sullivan University in Louisville, KY.

I’ve always had a love for communicating in a visual medium. My work in high school was mostly journalistic, being focused on news production shooting and editing photos and video.

I studied photography in college, and as part of the program, I took classes on various aspects of design and learned to use many of the programs in the Adobe suite. I enjoyed the freedom that working in a digital space provided, being different than photography or videography in that everything was done on the computer. It allowed for greater freedom without needing to worry about things like location, props, or models.

The amount of creativity offered by starting with a blank slate and being able to layer my work with photos and illustrations is a big jump for me, and I’m enjoying combining the two and learning new things that are capable in these programs. I continue to learn more about graphic design and hope that as time goes on I develop more of a specialized skillset.